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Join Nigeria Movie Network (NMN) in congratulating and sharing in the blessings of popular Nollywood actor, Junior Pope Odonwodo, who along with his beautiful wife Jennifer Awele Okpuno, recently welcomed a bouncing baby boy who they've named JASON!

Here's what Junior Pope had to say when he shared this lovely pic of his family weeks ago:

"This is the J's family saying a big THANK U to u all for your prayers, well wishes etc... And JASON has asked me to give this little token out to d fastest finger..."

For the record, Junior Pope calls his family the J FAMILY because all their names starts with the letter J.

☆ Junior Pope
☆ Jennifer Okpuno
☆ Jason Odonwodo (Son)

So whenever you hear or see Junior Pope talk about the J Family, now you know how that came about Nigeria Movie Network is reporting to the global Nollywood community!

A BIG welcome shoutout to Baby JASON!

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