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By: Kevin Onuma - Added
Nollywood Actor RMD Goes Shopping in Style.

Veteran Nollywood actor Richard Mofe Damijo, fondly called RMD for short, is one of my longtime favourite actors in Nollywood since the days of classic movies like 'Out of Bounds' and 'Romantic Attraction'.

RMD, who refuse to go out of style and fame like some of his veteran colleagues we don't even know if they are still alive or not; shared this new picture of himself yesterday while shopping in style. Would like to share with you what RMD said when he shared this pic via IG...

Not so lazy Saturday... Shop a little, model a little-lol. Finally picked up my hat from @shineneklothing. Thanks, it does look DOPE/SICK like my young actor friend says when I wear something nice😊 #RMDSaysSo #RMDIsBack #Saturday #YoungAtHeart #Actor #LifeOfAnActor

I kinda find it interesting, if not humorous, how RMD tries to stay current with young pop culture trends using slangs like 'dope', 'sick' and even a more recent one, 'dabbin'. I'm sure he enjoys a good laugh every time he use those slangs, and it is obvious all of the aforementioned helps him stay young as you can see in his pics.

What words do you have for RMD?
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