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Spotlight on some current Nollywood Actors in Nigeria (2015)
How well do you know some of your favorite Nollywood actors in the Nigerian film industry, and how far they've come? Spotlight on some current Nollywood Actors is trending on NollywoodSocial. 

This spotlight focuses on the educational background, family, and marital status of some of the Top Rising Actors in Nollywood this 2015 year!

1. YUL EDOCHIE: Yul, the son of Pete Edochie, joined Nollywood in 2005. He got married at the young age of 22, and he is blessed with 3 kids.

2. KEN ERICS: Ken is a Graduate of Theatre Arts from Anambra State, and is one of the Top Rising Actors in Nollywood. Ken is said to be in a Relationship.

3. ZUBBY MICHAEL: Zubby is another one of the Top Rising Stars in Nollywood, he studied Mass Communications, and he's still Single.

4. WALTER ANGA: Mr Walter Kalanga Anga is one of the Top Rising Actors in Nollywood, and a Graduate of Theatre Arts from Rivers State. He got married In 2009 and he's blessed with 2 Sons.

5. JUNIOR POPE: A Graduate of Accounting from Enugu State. Jr Pope got married to his longtime girlfriend in 2014, and is among the list of rising actors.

6. MICHEAL GODSON: The Handsome Imo State Actor joined the Nigerian movie industry in 2010, a Graduate Of Theatre & Comm Arts. He Is Still Single.

7. CHARLES BILLION: The Edo State Born Actor is a Graduate of Accounting, he got Engaged in 2013, and is also on the list of rising actors in Nollywood.

8. CHIGOZIE ATUANYA: The Anambra State Born Actor is a Producer & a Model. He got married in 2013 and is blessed with a Girl.

9. LEONARD FREDRICK: He is no doubt one of the Top rising actors. Leo is a Graduate of Biochemistry from Anambra State. He is still Single.
The list of top rising actors referenced herein, was composed by Obianuju Joan Nwankwo, one of the leading members of Nollywood Community group on Facebook, so all credit goes to her. This is only a revised edition by Kevin Onuma.  

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  • I will miss Jim Ikye and Van Vicker.
    • @Amber - You shouldn't really miss them since Jim and Van are still acting, just that they aren't as active as before.
      • Most Nollywood actors are graduates, I think that the opposite is the case when it come to their female counterparts.
        • @Ezii - On a global scale, most women are graduates. But I'm not sure if that's the same in #Nollywood, but I would assume it is.
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