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11 Nollywood Actresses with Broken Homes (Failed Marriages)
Some of our religious people would say 'marriage is not by might, but by god's grace', so does it mean marriages in Nollywood are not blessed by God? Here are 11 Nollywood Actresses with Broken Homes: 

(1) KATE HENSHAW - Kate Henshaw packed out of her matrimonial home after her husband married his secretary. (Is this the Oyibo white man Kate married, or who?)

(2) NGOZI EZEONU - Ngozi Ezeonu packed out of matrimonial home many years ago due to her husband's alleged infidelity.

(3) EUCHARIA ANUNOBI - Her case was that of her hubby's infidelity and lack of finance. 
(4) CHIGWE ALIEGWE - Her marriage lasted only 3 Months because of infidelity, she is blessed with a daughter
(5) SHAN GEORGE - Shan George was married twice because of her husband's infidelity. She decided to quit marriage for good, she is blessed with 2 boys. 
(6) JENNIFER ALIOGU - Jennifer Aliogu case was that of infidelity also, after she gave her husband 2 sons. 
(7) CHIKA IKE - Chika claims she left her marriage because of domestic violence. She happily announced the end of her marriage, and also posted photo of herself in a court room, which was followed with lots of criticism. 
[8] MONALISA CHINDA - She claims she left her matrimonial home due to domestic violence, she is blessed with a daughter. 
(9) UCHE OGBODO - Uche who was heavily pregnant left her husband because of his brain tumor. 
(10) INI EDO - Her marriage lasted 6 years with many issues; including miscarriage rumors, cheating allegations.  Ini Edo lived apart from her husband most times, until their marriage came to an end last year 2014. 
(11) FUNKE AKINDELE - Her marriage lasted barely a year because of incompatibility.  

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NOTE: This discussion titled "11 Nollywood Actresses with Broken Homeswas started by Obianuju Joan, via Nollywood Community, a group on Facebook. So, all credit goes to her for a wonderful post! 
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  • Hmmm, infidelity! Infidelity! Infidelity; It is true that majority of men are never satisfied with what they have, but are these ladies sure they are not doing anything wrong in their matrimonial homes? Personally, I do not believe in dying in a marriage that is not working out but…..
    FUNKE AKINDELE’s own ended too quick I must say and “UCHE OGBODO” If actually she left because of her husband’s ill health, she must be a very heartless person.
    Case closedddd….lol
    • With the height of infidelity in #Nollywood these days, I think its high time a film-maker makes a Nollywood movie titled "Infidelity"; that would be centered around the lives of celebrities with failed marriages.
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