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Popular Nollywood Actors and their Movie Nicknames
Join Nigeria Movie Network in discussing popular Nollywood actors and their movie nicknames. Let's make this fun! Oya, lets go....

If Nkem Owoh's movie nickname is Osuofia, and that of John Okafor is Mr Ibu. We all know Chinedu Ikedieze as Aki, while his mischievous partner in crime Osita Iheme is popularly known as PawPaw.

We now often refer to Mercy Johnson as Dumebi, while Funke Akindele is known as both Jenifa and Sherikoko. Patience Ozokwor na Mama G (G for General!), while Kenneth Okonkwo is known as Andy since the early days of that 1992 film 'Living in Bondage'.

What about Chiwetalu Agu who has been blessing us with rib-cracking jokes and slangs in all his movies for so many years? What is Chiwetalu's nickname ?

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