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If Every African Leader Were Sharing Wealth
Imagine what Africa would be like today, if every African leader (President) were sharing #wealth to reach every single citizen of their respective African country?
This post was inspired by the great Muammar Gaddafi, whose idea of an oil revenue-sharing program was further bringing a good measure of prosperity to each Libyan, in addition to other existing national benefits each citizen already receive such as free healthcare, free electricity, no interest loans, $50k for newly weds, $5k for every mother/born child, etc; distributing wealth.
Below are some visions of mine, on the effects of wealth-sharing in Africa, for Africa, and among Africans. Africans in diaspora would have to relocate to their motherland with acquired skills and Afrocentric developmental knowledge in order to partake in the wealth-sharing and development contribution of the continent.
  1. If every African leader were sharing wealth; there would be very little to no corruption
  2. If every African leader were sharing wealth; armed robbery would be mitigated and very minimal
  3. If every African leader were sharing wealth; citizens would be more educated, responsible and patriotic.
  4. If every African leader were sharing wealth; there will be no need for foreign aid, FDI, and other unfavorable foreign financial support system.
  5. If every African leader were sharing wealth; crime would greatly reduce and more security stability.
  6. If every African leader were sharing wealth; Africa and her people would be a major player in World Power today.

One of Gaddafi's economic development strategy was that his Government hand over to the people: the schools, manufacturing plants, farms, all state enterprises and the oil money, etc.

"You would fail to stop corruption as long as the state owns the oil wealth, makes contracts with companies to carry out projects, manages health care, education and other services and economic projects" - Col. Muammar Gaddafi, in a 2009 national televised speech, according to Reuters.

Currently, majority of the African democratic system is riddled with extreme corruption, exploitation and mismanagement of wealth and resources. Just reshuffling each nation's cabinet system would not free African countries from these economic damaging problems.

Gaddafi's strategic proposal, and the first to do such in #Africa, was that his whole cabinet system be dismantled to free his people from corruption and mismanagement. All of this, was done towards sharing national wealth with the majority, not the corrupt minority in the government.

If Every African Leader Were Sharing Wealth.....

By Kevin Onuma
[Pls Note: Do not copy and duplicate any part of this article without written permission from the author]
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