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  • The wonder is always mind-blowing. But sometimes we lose this prettiness. We should try to keep safe our natural beauty. When coming to save your loveliness. Need nursing hair, body, or face in various ways. If you do not care, skin proper way. Maybe, have to drop prettiness?
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    • We try to get dandruff free shiny hair. But this journey started from a long time ago by the Asian people. That’s why Indian people create an innovative hair care product. That generally popular by name shampoo. Which made with natural ingredients by using fruit (soapberries) and flowers (hibiscus, herbs etc).
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      • Are you worried about the black dot on the nose, chin, & cheek? It is a common problem on a human face. So no need to worry. Generally, most of the people like to call this problem blackheads. Yes, this is a well-known name for a black dot. So you can also call by this name.
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        • #MetastaticCancer discussions and mentions are doing rounds in social media now-a-days after reported diagnosis of the same in one of the former leading bollwood actress, #SonaliBendre. Dr. R K Choudhary, Consultant – Medical Oncology and Dr. Puneet Gupta, Director – Oncology and Senior Consultant – Medical Oncology, in our special series- Metro Doctor Speak, answers some important questions on Metastatic Cancer. Read our article at the following link:

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          • According to research it has been observed that about 4 million births that take place annually, among them 90% of the stem cells which are contained in the cord blood are treated as medical wastes and are discarded. Read our article at the following link:

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            • Both the chronic Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis generally cause people to lose their knee or hip functions while damaging the joint to the degree that they require joint replacement. There are times when the joints suffer injury or infection and require replacement. Metro Doctor Speak brings to you important questions and answers on Joint Replacements. Click to read more.
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                • #SocialPhobia’ or ‘Shyness’ are the names for Social Anxiety Disorder; it’s an enduring and profuse fear of Social situations like meeting new people, talking to people, etc.
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                  • Asthma is a persistent breathing condition where the airways or the bronchial tube become inflamed and narrow, making it difficult for a person to breathe. The narrowing of the bronchial tube affects the breathing while triggering the symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, tightening in chest and wheezing. Allergens such as dust, cigarette smoke, pollution, infection, pollens or hypersensitivity increases the severity of asthma.

                    We have written a blog on Asthma on this World Asthma Day. Kindly read at the following link:
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                    • Obesity has become global epidemic and is the major cause for various life threatening diseases. When exercises and diet control doesn’t prove fruitful for morbidly obese people, weight-loss surgery can do wonders in reviving their health. Metro Doctor Speak brings to you important Q&A's on Bariatric Surgery by our renowned Bariatric Surgeons.
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