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  • By: Kevin Onuma · Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 10:18 PM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
    Joan Nwankwo, a team member of Nollywood Community, recently discussed some beautiful Nollywood actresses who recently got married and have been able to sustain their marriages for years. This is a revised edition of the topic, which is currently trending on Nollywood Community, a group on Facebook dedicated to all things Nollywood. 

    Some Beautiful Nollywood Actresses who recently got married and have been able to sustain their marriages:  

    (1) QUEEN NWOKOYE - She Got Married Some Years Ago. She Is Blessed With 2 Boys Who Are Twins. 

    (2) CHIOMA CHUKWUKA AKPOTHA - She Got Married In 2006. She Is Blessed With 2 Children A Boy And A Girl. 

    (3) DAKORE EGBUSON - She Got Married In 2011. She Is Blessed With 2 Girls. 

    (4) MERCY JOHNSON - She Got Married In 2011. She Is Blessed With 2 Children, A Boy and A Girl. 

    (5) UCHE ELENDU - She Got Married In 2012. She Is Blessed With a Girl. 

    (6) UCHE JUMBO - She Got Married In 2012. She had a miscarriage, but is reportedly now pregnant again for her Puerto Rican husband. 

    (7) ANGELA OKORIE - She Got Married In 2012. She Is Blessed With A Boy. 

    [8] STEPHANIE OKEREKE - She Got Married In 2012. She Is Still Hoping on God for a Child/Children. 

    (9) CHACHA EKEH - She Got Married In 2013. She Is Blessed With A Girl. 

    (10) ANNIE MACAULEY-IDIBIA - She Got Married In 2013. She Is Blessed With 2 Girls. 

    Who among the 10 Nollywood Actresses mentioned in this list, is your ideal role model? 
    • By: Kevin Onuma · Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 02:51 PM · 0 0 4 · Comment · Share
      How well do you know some of your favorite Nollywood actors in the Nigerian film industry, and how far they've come? Spotlight on some current Nollywood Actors is trending on NollywoodSocial. 

      This spotlight focuses on the educational background, family, and marital status of some of the Top Rising Actors in Nollywood this 2015 year!

      1. YUL EDOCHIE: Yul, the son of Pete Edochie, joined Nollywood in 2005. He got married at the young age of 22, and he is blessed with 3 kids.

      2. KEN ERICS: Ken is a Graduate of Theatre Arts from Anambra State, and is one of the Top Rising Actors in Nollywood. Ken is said to be in a Relationship.

      3. ZUBBY MICHAEL: Zubby is another one of the Top Rising Stars in Nollywood, he studied Mass Communications, and he's still Single.

      4. WALTER ANGA: Mr Walter Kalanga Anga is one of the Top Rising Actors in Nollywood, and a Graduate of Theatre Arts from Rivers State. He got married In 2009 and he's blessed with 2 Sons.

      5. JUNIOR POPE: A Graduate of Accounting from Enugu State. Jr Pope got married to his longtime girlfriend in 2014, and is among the list of rising actors.

      6. MICHEAL GODSON: The Handsome Imo State Actor joined the Nigerian movie industry in 2010, a Graduate Of Theatre & Comm Arts. He Is Still Single.

      7. CHARLES BILLION: The Edo State Born Actor is a Graduate of Accounting, he got Engaged in 2013, and is also on the list of rising actors in Nollywood.

      8. CHIGOZIE ATUANYA: The Anambra State Born Actor is a Producer & a Model. He got married in 2013 and is blessed with a Girl.

      9. LEONARD FREDRICK: He is no doubt one of the Top rising actors. Leo is a Graduate of Biochemistry from Anambra State. He is still Single.
      The list of top rising actors referenced herein, was composed by Obianuju Joan Nwankwo, one of the leading members of Nollywood Community group on Facebook, so all credit goes to her. This is only a revised edition by Kevin Onuma.  

      For the original post, go here:
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      • Kevin Onuma @Amber - You shouldn't really miss them since Jim and Van are still acting, just that they aren't as active as before.
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      • Ezii Oguibe Most Nollywood actors are graduates, I think that the opposite is the case when it come to their female counterparts.
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      • Kevin Onuma @Ezii - On a global scale, most women are graduates. But I'm not sure if that's the same in #Nollywood, but I would assume it is.
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    • By: Kevin Onuma · Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 09:59 PM · 0 0 2 · Comment · Share
      Some of our religious people would say 'marriage is not by might, but by god's grace', so does it mean marriages in Nollywood are not blessed by God? Here are 11 Nollywood Actresses with Broken Homes: 

      (1) KATE HENSHAW - Kate Henshaw packed out of her matrimonial home after her husband married his secretary. (Is this the Oyibo white man Kate married, or who?)

      (2) NGOZI EZEONU - Ngozi Ezeonu packed out of matrimonial home many years ago due to her husband's alleged infidelity.

      (3) EUCHARIA ANUNOBI - Her case was that of her hubby's infidelity and lack of finance. 
      (4) CHIGWE ALIEGWE - Her marriage lasted only 3 Months because of infidelity, she is blessed with a daughter
      (5) SHAN GEORGE - Shan George was married twice because of her husband's infidelity. She decided to quit marriage for good, she is blessed with 2 boys. 
      (6) JENNIFER ALIOGU - Jennifer Aliogu case was that of infidelity also, after she gave her husband 2 sons. 
      (7) CHIKA IKE - Chika claims she left her marriage because of domestic violence. She happily announced the end of her marriage, and also posted photo of herself in a court room, which was followed with lots of criticism. 
      [8] MONALISA CHINDA - She claims she left her matrimonial home due to domestic violence, she is blessed with a daughter. 
      (9) UCHE OGBODO - Uche who was heavily pregnant left her husband because of his brain tumor. 
      (10) INI EDO - Her marriage lasted 6 years with many issues; including miscarriage rumors, cheating allegations.  Ini Edo lived apart from her husband most times, until their marriage came to an end last year 2014. 
      (11) FUNKE AKINDELE - Her marriage lasted barely a year because of incompatibility.  

      #Nollywood #Marriage #Nigeria
      NOTE: This discussion titled "11 Nollywood Actresses with Broken Homeswas started by Obianuju Joan, via Nollywood Community, a group on Facebook. So, all credit goes to her for a wonderful post! 
      Story source:  
      • Ezii Oguibe Hmmm, infidelity! Infidelity! Infidelity; It is true that majority of men are never satisfied with what they have, but are these ladies sure they are not doing anything wrong in their matrimonial homes? Personally, I do not believe in dying in a marriage that is not working out but…..
        FUNKE AKINDELE’s own ended too quick I must say and “UCHE OGBODO” If actually she left because of her husband’s ill health, she must be a very heartless person.
        Case closedddd….lol
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      • Kevin Onuma With the height of infidelity in #Nollywood these days, I think its high time a film-maker makes a Nollywood movie titled "Infidelity"; that would be centered around the lives of celebrities with failed marriages.
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    • By: Nigeria Movie Network · Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 05:08 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share

      This is a humorous discussion of how an African man lived with his wife for 21 years without fighting! Can men and women of today learn from this make-believe story discovered on social media? Read on...

      I visited my uncle who lives in Abuja for the weekend and he was
      telling me of how he and his wife has not fought for 21 years. I was
      surprised and asked him howcome. He replied; When my wife and I just got
      married 21 years ago Ofego, we went for honeymoon in Hawaii. While at a
      beach riding horses, my wife's horse jumped and my wife fell down. She
      got up from the ground, patted the horse's back, and said; This is your
      first time. After a while, it happened again. She patted the horse and
      said; This is your second time. The horse did it again the third time
      and she brought out a gun from her handbag and shot the horse. The
      animal died instantly. I was so shocked and shouted at her; Are you
      crazy? What is wrong with you? Why did you kill the horse? She gave me a
      strange look and said; This is your first time. Ever since then Ofego,
      we have been living happily.

      • Dear men, if you were in his shoes - what would you have done?
      • Dear women, if you were in her shoes - what would you have done?

      #Africa | #Relationship | #Marriage | #Humor

      • By: Nigeria Movie Network · Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 12:28 PM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
        Join Nigeria Movie Network in discussing popular Nollywood actors and their movie nicknames. Let's make this fun! Oya, lets go....

        If Nkem Owoh's movie nickname is Osuofia, and that of John Okafor is Mr Ibu. We all know Chinedu Ikedieze as Aki, while his mischievous partner in crime Osita Iheme is popularly known as PawPaw.

        We now often refer to Mercy Johnson as Dumebi, while Funke Akindele is known as both Jenifa and Sherikoko. Patience Ozokwor na Mama G (G for General!), while Kenneth Okonkwo is known as Andy since the early days of that 1992 film 'Living in Bondage'.

        What about Chiwetalu Agu who has been blessing us with rib-cracking jokes and slangs in all his movies for so many years? What is Chiwetalu's nickname ?

        Share your thoughts on Nollywood Social Network

        Visit for recommended Nollywood Movies to watch. Follow us @NMN on for Nollywood Pics and Gist!

        #Nollywood | #Nicknames | #NollywoodActors | #Social
        • By: Kevin Onuma · Sat, Nov 15, 2014 at 03:27 PM · 0 0 2 · Comment · Share
          If there's no money in politics (democracy), would Nollywood Actors still want to become politicians?

          There are legitimate questions we probably should be asking the likes of Desmond Elliot, Kenneth Okonkwo, Kate Henshaw, and other Nollywood Celebrities who are all arguably flocking to Nigerian Politics so as to chop "national moi-moi" like Mama G take sing am for her song.

          Abeg, make we stop deceiving ourselves in the name of politics oO. We have to help ourselves, no celebrity or politician go help us!

          In a recent interview published on Punch NG, Nollywood actress Clarion Chukwura describes the rush, especially by Nollywood practitioners, to join partisan politics as sheer hypocrisy. According to her, some artistes want to go into politics because they are not getting much money from their vocations.
          She says, “The motive of those who are embracing partisan politics is purely monetary. Let us call a spade a spade. If you tell me that you want to go into politics to serve the people, I would want to look at your record first.
          “I want to see what you have done to better the lives of the people in your immediate community. How many boreholes have you sunk in the community? How many hours of community service have you given for free over the last four or five years? How well are you known as somebody who yearns for improvement in social development?”

          So why all the pretending by all the Nollywood actors that are campaigning for political seats in various constituencies?

          How can we (the people) hold these celebrity politicians responsible if they fail to fulfill their promises towards improving our communities?

          Do not vote shallowly for anybody without asking them legitimate questions first, and you getting legitimate answers back in return. Corruption is the light of the day in the world of democracy in Nigeria.

          This is why Fela tell our people through his revolutionary music say "democracy" na "demonstration of craze".

          I hereby ask again: If there's no money in politics, would Nollywood Actors still want to be politicians?

          By Kevin Onuma

          #Nollywood | #Nigeria | #Politics
          • Ezii Oguibe Is all about money.
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          • Kevin Onuma Yup, money is arguably an ulterior motive behind their political ambition. The moment I figured out, I decided to blog about it
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        • By: Kevin Onuma · Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 07:52 PM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
          Imagine what Africa would be like today, if every African leader (President) were sharing #wealth to reach every single citizen of their respective African country?
          This post was inspired by the great Muammar Gaddafi, whose idea of an oil revenue-sharing program was further bringing a good measure of prosperity to each Libyan, in addition to other existing national benefits each citizen already receive such as free healthcare, free electricity, no interest loans, $50k for newly weds, $5k for every mother/born child, etc; distributing wealth.
          Below are some visions of mine, on the effects of wealth-sharing in Africa, for Africa, and among Africans. Africans in diaspora would have to relocate to their motherland with acquired skills and Afrocentric developmental knowledge in order to partake in the wealth-sharing and development contribution of the continent.
          1. If every African leader were sharing wealth; there would be very little to no corruption
          2. If every African leader were sharing wealth; armed robbery would be mitigated and very minimal
          3. If every African leader were sharing wealth; citizens would be more educated, responsible and patriotic.
          4. If every African leader were sharing wealth; there will be no need for foreign aid, FDI, and other unfavorable foreign financial support system.
          5. If every African leader were sharing wealth; crime would greatly reduce and more security stability.
          6. If every African leader were sharing wealth; Africa and her people would be a major player in World Power today.

          One of Gaddafi's economic development strategy was that his Government hand over to the people: the schools, manufacturing plants, farms, all state enterprises and the oil money, etc.

          "You would fail to stop corruption as long as the state owns the oil wealth, makes contracts with companies to carry out projects, manages health care, education and other services and economic projects" - Col. Muammar Gaddafi, in a 2009 national televised speech, according to Reuters.

          Currently, majority of the African democratic system is riddled with extreme corruption, exploitation and mismanagement of wealth and resources. Just reshuffling each nation's cabinet system would not free African countries from these economic damaging problems.

          Gaddafi's strategic proposal, and the first to do such in #Africa, was that his whole cabinet system be dismantled to free his people from corruption and mismanagement. All of this, was done towards sharing national wealth with the majority, not the corrupt minority in the government.

          If Every African Leader Were Sharing Wealth.....

          By Kevin Onuma
          [Pls Note: Do not copy and duplicate any part of this article without written permission from the author]
          • By: Kevin Onuma · Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 02:26 AM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
            I have been doing some research on Nigeria's crude oil production, fuel consumption and wealth potentials from oil. The following information I have provided would be used as a reference whenever writing or discussing Nigeria's crude oil capacity, potentials, issues, etc.
            Note: You are free to use excerpts from this article for academic or reporting purpose as far as you give credit to the author (Kevin Onuma), and provide a link back to this page (
            Nigeria produces an estimated 2.5 million barrels of crude oil a day. Current market cost of crude oil is said to be at $85/barrel. A barrel is about 42 gallons.

            At $85 per barrel, Nigeria should be making an estimated $212.5 million a day from the sale of 2.5 million barrels of crude oil produced daily based on estimates.

            If the wealth of $212.5 million is shared among an estimated population of 175 million people, every citizen is entitled to roughly $1.21 per day. Nigeria exports majority of its crude oil to the West, and there's always fuel scarcity in the country with gas price ranging from roughly ₦100 per liter now to as high as ₦150 at some point (roughly $1 USD).

            By the way, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) charges up to $114 per barrel of crude oil according to information gathered from Central Bank of Nigeria:

            The country exports high quality raw crude oil for a steal price and imports back gasoline at a high price for the nation's consumption, mostly due to lack of functioning refineries. Nigeria is only capable of refining about 445 barrels of crude oil per day and ranked 39th in the world based on the country's current output capacity, according to

            Nigeria is ranked 11th in Crude Oil Production, ranked 44th in Petroleum Consumption, and ranked 39th in Refinery Capacity. Nigeria is ranked 12th in the world when total Oil Production is considered, which is mainly due to our high Crude Oil Production capability.

            In a recent news report on Channels TV earlier this year, the Managing Director of Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) Limited, Mr Saidu Mohammed, who is also the immediate past Managing Director of the Nigeria Gas Company, was quoted to have said:

            “Even if all the refineries work at 100 per cent capacity, we cannot meet the demand of 30 million litres per day, and we should not forget that some of our neighbours also depend on Nigeria for fuel”.
            Mr Saidu Mohammed continued by saying:
            “We (Nigeria) will continue to import fuel as long as we cannot meet the demand because it is about demand and supply. If there is no much demand, we will not go for importation.
            I don't agree with Mr Saidu Mohammed's assertion that even if all refineries in Nigeria are working 100 per capacity, that we still cannot meet a demand of 30 million liters per day. Before arriving at such vague conclusion, have we even tried to meet a demand of 5 to 15 million of gasoline consumption? We can always scale up production once we have functioning and efficient crude oil refineries.

            The U.S population of 316 million is roughly double that of Nigeria's 175 million. Current information gathered from the U.S Energy Information Administration website, reports an average of about 368.51 million gallons (or 8.77 million barrels) are consumed by Americans daily. While in Nigeria, we only consume an estimated 30 million liters according to report.

            With at least 10 functioning high capacity crude oil refining machines/plants that can produce up to 500 thousand liters of petroleum per day/ per each efficient refinery; Nigeria should be able to produce and meet the 30million liters daily consumption of fuel.

            According to, a crude oil refinery is a group of industrial facilities that turns crude oil and other inputs into finished petroleum products. A refinery's capacity refers to the maximum amount of crude oil designed to flow into the distillation unit of a refinery, also known as the crude unit.

            Crude oil is said to be made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons, and the distillation process aims to separate this crude oil into broad categories of its component hydrocarbons, or "fractions." Crude oil is first heated and then put into a distillation column, also known as a still, where different products boil off and are recovered at different temperatures.

            Lighter products, such as butane and other liquid petroleum gases (LPG), gasoline blending components, and naphtha, are recovered at the lowest temperatures. Mid-range products include jet fuel, kerosene, and distillates (such as home heating oil and diesel fuel). The heaviest products such as residual fuel oil are recovered at temperatures sometimes over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
            {What is the highest realistic capacity a crude oil refining machinery/plant can output gasoline in a day?}
            If people in the country (Nigeria) are said to be living on less than $2 per day; paying as much as $1 per liter for fuel is not only ridiculous but also wicked of the Nigerian government who are fond of mismanaging the economy's wealth and resources.

            At the time of Muammar Gaddafi’s assassination by the US and its evil allies, the price of gas in Libya was reportedly as low as $0.14 per gallon. If the Nigerian government are properly managing the country's wealth and resources, our people shouldn't be paying more than $.10 per gallon of fuel.

            Also, the Nigerian government needs to establish some sort of oil revenue sharing program similar to that of the late great Gaddafi, which helped bring a good measure of prosperity to each Libyan as they reportedly receive $500 (US Dollars) deposited into the bank account of every citizen each month.

            Gasoline prices in Nigeria is controlled by the government, and is said to be infrequently adjusted. The height of corruption in the country's democratic government, is prevent GEJ's administration from sharing the national cake with the people that voted him to power as their leader.

            Between August 2005 and December 2011, price of fuel in the country ranged from ₦65/liter (US$0.50) in 2005 and ₦56/liter (US$0.41) in 2011, except in 2007 and 2008 when it was raised to ₦75/liter for a month or thereabout and then lowered to ₦70/liter. This statistics were gathered from

            Goodluck Jonathan's administration removed fuel subsidy on January 1, 2012 and pushed the retail price to rise above ₦140 [US$0.88] per liter or higher, but following a nationwide protests by outraged citizens, the Nigerian govt then lowered it within two weeks to ₦97 (US$0.61), still representing a 49% increase from the price in 2011.

            Until of recent, Nigeria was over-dependent on crude oil as the economy's source of wealth, ignoring and not investing in other highly potential sectors. Fast emerging sectors such as telecommunication, real estate, agriculture, manufactured goods, and the motion picture industry (#Nollywood) are increasingly contributing to the economy's GDP.

            This year, Nigeria's economy (GDP) became the largest in #Africa, worth more than $500 billion, and overtook South Africa to become the world's 26th largest economy.

            I'll continue adding more information to this article, from time to time. However, if there's any information you feel is incorrect or that you'd like to expand, do not hesitate to let me know in the comment section.

            • Nigeria Fuel Price History:
            • Crude Oil Data & Stats:
            • Crude Oil Charts:
            • Crude Oil Distilling & Refining:
            • Statistics on Nigeria Oil:

            #Nigeria #CrudeOil #GDP

            Kevin Onuma
            • By: Nigeria Movie Network · Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 10:20 PM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
              Let's get social! In your opinion, what does #OMG really stand for? And, how do you use it as a form of (self) expression? But first, choose from the following #OMG meanings:

              A. Oh My Gosh
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              C. Oh My Goodness
              D. All the above
              E. Others? (Pls specify below)

              According to Nollywood.Social, the acronym "OMG" is one of the most used forms of expression on various social media sites. It is mostly used to express shock, excitement, or disbelief.

              Be sociable!: What does OMG mean to you, and how do you use it as a form of expression, both online and offline?
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              • By: Nigeria Movie Network · Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 09:06 PM · 0 0 0 · Comment · Share
                Have you ever wondered how Nollywood veteran actor Olu Jacobs met his beautiful wife actress, Joke Silva? Well, wonder no more as Nigeria Movie Network brings you Nollywood gist on how Olu Jacobs met his wife, Joke Silva.

                In a 2013 interview, veteran actor Olu Jacobs disclosed how he met his Wife Joke Silva, who he has been married to for over 27 years. Below is an excerpt from Olu Jacobs interview about the day he found his future wife. 

                On Meeting His Future Wife, Olu Jacobs had this to say:

                "I was having a meeting at the National Theatre and the door opened a young lady came in. I looked at her. I have never met her before in my life and I said to the people in the room ‘ladies and gentlemen, this is the lady I am going to marry’. Everybody laughed. She looked at me up and down, hissed and left. Today, she is my wife and that was 27 years ago."

                Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva, are no doubt one of Nollywood’s best couples ever! If you would like to add to the conversation, or say something about the lovely Nollywood couple, use the comment box below to share your thoughts.

                ➠ Watch Olu Jacobs movies on NMN:

                ➠ Olu Jacobs news on NMN:

                ➠ Joke Silva News on NMN: 

                NOTE: This Nollywood Gist by Nigeria Movie Network, is exclusively published on only, and should not be copied and duplicated (in its entirety) on other blogs, social media, or website.

                #NMN #OluJacobs #JokeSilva #Marriage #Nollywood
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