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NollywoodSOCIAL is a social networking platform that helps you discover, connect, and share all things centered around Nollywood and beyond — with people in your social circle.

At Nollywood Social Network, you can discover, connect and share with people whose interests are centered around Nigeria's movie industry popularly known as NOLLYWOOD.

Majority of users on NollywoodSocial are global Nollywood Fans, who use the social networking platform to share what's on their mind whether it pertains to Nollywood or other topics of interest, join or start Nollywood discussions, upload photos, share videos, chat with friends, ask questions and get answers, and much more.

We hope you enjoy Nollywood's first and only social networking platform which was created to connect the global Nollywood fans and their loved ones, Nollywood actors and film-makers, and investors looking to invest in various Nollywood ventures.

The NollywoodSocial team welcomes suggestions and comments as the platform is consistently being developed, maintained and updated!

Thank you for your interest in NollywoodSocial, the social network for all things Nollywood and beyond. Login or Signup today!

The Nollywood Social Network Team

Mission Statement
To be the go-to platform for discovering, sharing and discussing all things Nollywood in a social network.

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