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ChaCha Eke is from which State in Nigeria?
Another curious question people have been asking and searching answers for is Which State in Nigeria is Chacha Eke from?

I believe people are asking the question because of her Igbo surname and the fact she stars in many Igbo productions where English language is spoken. I will do my best to provide an answer to which state ChaCha Eke is from, below. You too can contribute your own answer and opinion below. #Nollywood
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    To my own knowledge, ChaCha Eke is from Abakaliki in Ebonyi State. She is the wife of #Nollywood movie director — Austin Faani. The couple held their African wedding in Austin's hometown in Delta state. Meanwhile, their traditional wedding was held at Charity Eke's hometown in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

    For those who don't know: There are about 9 primary languages spoken in ChaCha Eke's State of origin, Ebonyi State. These languages are: Afikpo, Mgbo, Izzi, Ezaa, Ikwo, Kukele, Legbo, Mbembe, and Oring. These languages are all subgroups of the Igbo language and are commonly spoken throughout south eastern Nigeria.

    So, now you know where ChaCha Eke is from. Check out her movies on NMN website — here: | ChaCha Eke news — here:
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