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How many children does Pete Edochie have? (Nollywood Questions & Answers)
Have you ever wondered, or wanted to know how many children veteran actor Pete Edochie has? In this Nollywood Questions and Answers, Nigeria Movie Network (NMN) provides answer to questions about Pete Edochie's children. See below for more.

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    Answer: Pete Edochie has six children, comprising of 5 boys and 1 girl.

    This information was revealed by one of Pete Edochie's sons, Uche Edochie, in a November 2014 interview published on Punch NG. Below is an excerpt from the interview that revealed the information:

    I am Uche, one of Pete Edochie’s children comprising five boys and a girl. I am the second son and the third child in the family. I studied Visual Arts but I do a variety of things. I am a painter, designer and photographer.


    Now you know how many children Pete Edochie is blessed with. If you have further questions about Pete Edochie, post them below and the NMN team would find you needed answer. #Nollywood #PeteEdochie
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