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Ask will i join nollywood industry?
Add description...I want be an actor have will i have my dream
1 Answers
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    @Prince Chike, to join #Nollywood (or any movie industry) and leave a lasting impression, you should consider getting some sort of formal education (theater art in drama if looking to interpret roles) or training (directing, script-writing, costume and set designing, production management) in the field.

    Further more, you have to start from somewhere (the bottom) and move your way up the ladder (the top). People don't become actors miraculously overnight; it takes hard work, consistency and determination to succeed at anything, among other factors.
    • Sir i agree with you how will meet up am really interested to join movie industry how will i get help sir - Prince Chike · Delete
    • Where are you based? - Kevin Onuma · Delete
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