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As director, I have final approval on everything - Chigozie Atuanya.

Popular Nollywood actor cum filmmaker, Chigozie Atuanya, couldn't help not expressing himself as a director when he took to IG to speak his mind, a duty which is not easy to execute well in every production.

Atuanya took to Instagram few days ago (June 2nd) to share how he handles his director duties to perfection. We couldn't help not sharing, as this may inspire many aspiring film-makers as well.

In his words:

As director,the level of control you have over the production of your film is entirely up to you. Personally,I like to be as involved as possible. I have final approval on everything,from wardrobe to special effects,and props to catering. I will even decide where to put the special props. Stand and speak as a man . #nollywood #chetanna #emekalala #surulere #chigozieatuanya#money

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