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By: Kevin Onuma - Added
13 years later, Nollywood filmmaker Moses Inwang cuts off his dreadlocks.

Nollywood filmmaker (director & producer), Moses 'Sneeze' Inwang is excited to show off his new look after cutting off his dreadlocks.

Moses says he has carried his dreads for the past 13 years, but on June 1st 2016, he cut off his locks and now spots a low-cut hair.

Another Nollywood celebrity who have also cut off her dreadlocks after several years, is Dakore Egbuson Akande. A decision many of her fans did not approve of.

Moses Inwang also shared a video on his IG to show the world how it all went down the day he cut off his dreads of 13 years. What words do you have for him?
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