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Photos of Kevin Onuma - Wall Photos

By: Kevin Onuma - Added
Sylvester Madu is shooting a movie about men who beat their women.

Nollywood action man and movie director, Sylvester Madu, have revealed he's working on a new movie that tells a story of men who beat their women.

Violence against women in Nigeria and other neighboring African countries is becoming a serious issue, and Nollywood is no doubt helping to inform the people on this disturbing trends.

Usually, Nigerian movies about violence against women is often produced by our female Nollywood Filmmakers, but Sylvester Madu is without a doubt making a stance that he too is against violence against women. And the best way to support the movement, is to make a movie that tells the story and that movie is titled HER SHOES.

When Sylvester Madu shared this set pic via IG on May 25th, here's what he had to say:

HER SHOES.. Still working on this movie. The story about men who beat women....COMING SOON. A SYLVESTER MADU CREATION...

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