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If there's no money in politics, would Nollywood Actors still want to be politicians?
If there's no money in politics (democracy), would Nollywood Actors still want to become politicians?

There are legitimate questions we probably should be asking the likes of Desmond Elliot, Kenneth Okonkwo, Kate Henshaw, and other Nollywood Celebrities who are all arguably flocking to Nigerian Politics so as to chop "national moi-moi" like Mama G take sing am for her song.

Abeg, make we stop deceiving ourselves in the name of politics oO. We have to help ourselves, no celebrity or politician go help us!

In a recent interview published on Punch NG, Nollywood actress Clarion Chukwura describes the rush, especially by Nollywood practitioners, to join partisan politics as sheer hypocrisy. According to her, some artistes want to go into politics because they are not getting much money from their vocations.
She says, “The motive of those who are embracing partisan politics is purely monetary. Let us call a spade a spade. If you tell me that you want to go into politics to serve the people, I would want to look at your record first.
“I want to see what you have done to better the lives of the people in your immediate community. How many boreholes have you sunk in the community? How many hours of community service have you given for free over the last four or five years? How well are you known as somebody who yearns for improvement in social development?”

So why all the pretending by all the Nollywood actors that are campaigning for political seats in various constituencies?

How can we (the people) hold these celebrity politicians responsible if they fail to fulfill their promises towards improving our communities?

Do not vote shallowly for anybody without asking them legitimate questions first, and you getting legitimate answers back in return. Corruption is the light of the day in the world of democracy in Nigeria.

This is why Fela tell our people through his revolutionary music say "democracy" na "demonstration of craze".

I hereby ask again: If there's no money in politics, would Nollywood Actors still want to be politicians?

By Kevin Onuma

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  • Is all about money.
    • Yup, money is arguably an ulterior motive behind their political ambition. The moment I figured out, I decided to blog about it
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